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Casting Systems

Casting method

Polymerization of resin dentures by the casting method

The main advantages in comparison to the classic method:

1.    High profitability
   Big time-saver
   Low material consumption (plaster, grinders)
   Without the need of using a press
   Occlusion does not increase
   Easy processing of porcelain teeth and attachments
   Rifts are not created between the model and the denture
   Only minimal treatment of denture after polymerization
   Rest monomer under 1% after 24 hours
2.    Financial benefits
   Time ration to expenses for material is several times more preferable than the classic method
   Return of expenses + profit already realized at the consumption of first basic set
3.    High profitability of usage
   Total dentures
   Partial dentures
   Doubling of models (only flask)